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May 4, 2009  

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Baby Car Seats

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Toddler Car Seats

If you toddler has reached the weight and height limit set by the manufacturer of the sear for rear-facing, then he or she can turn forward-facing in a convertible seat. Then your toddler should travel forward-facing with a harness until he or she outgrows the seat; usually around 4 yrs and about 40 lbs to 65 lbs.

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Baby Toddler Car Seat

As your child grows outside the height and weight limit for the convertible then they may ride forward-facing without a harness in a booster seat (up to 80 lbs to 120 lbs).

Some automobiles now come with forward-facing toddler seats built in to the vehicle. If you have one of these type vehicles or plan to purchase one, be sure and read your owner's manual about how to use the built-in seat.

Convertible Car Seat

Convertible Car Seats are designed to accomodate your child in both rear-facing and forward-facing modes. In other words they "convert" to forward-facing when your child outgrows the rear-facing weight and height limits.

If your baby is larger than most, then the convertible car seat might be a better choice over the infant-only seats because they have higher rear-facing height and weight limits than the infant-only seats.

You will find more information on this site about convertible car seats:

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Toddler Car Seat Cover

If you want to put new life into your old car seat you might want to purchase a new cover. They come in all sorts of designs and fabrics. Even if you have a new seat you might want to have a different look. Maybe something that matches your car interior better.

Check out all the different styles sold on Amazon.com , Walmart.com and Ebay.com.

Covers are just one of the many useful accessories that can make parent's life easier and baby's ride more fun and comfortable. Check them out: Amazon.com , Ebay.com, Walmart.com

Toddler Car Seat Safety

If you are new to the use of car seats and struggling with some of the terms associated with car seats then here is a good site to help you. Child Seat Glossary of Terms

It is important that you make sure the car seat is installed tightly in the automobile and that the harness has a snug fit.

It is recommended that all children under the age of 13 ride in the back seat of your vehicle. If you have more children than will fit in the back seat, then choose the child that can ride foward-facing with a harness to be the one that rides in the front seat. Move the front car seat back as far as possible away from the dashboard and airbag.

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