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July 22, 2009  

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Baby Car Seats

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Baby Car Seats - Articles

Baby car seats for kids and infants with special needs

There is a wide range of baby car seats available in the market today, including those made especially for babies with special needs Finding the right car seat for your baby can be a difficult task for some parents, and more so if your child has any special needs. Car seats designed for such children use a special restraint system to allow the baby to move around with ease and comfort. The seats also provide all the safety features which you will find in any other good quality baby car seat.

Medical conditions requiring special baby car seat

Your child could be going through any of these conditions, when it becomes necessary to buy a car seat to meet his / her needs, including tracheostomy, decreased muscle tone, surgical procedure of the leg or hip and even behavioural problems in children.

Most baby car seats for special children are not readily available at stores, so ordering online through a website is the best option to go for. Make sure you do your research before ordering the baby car seat so you exactly know what you will be getting. Dependable Car Seats offers a lot of baby car seats online where you can find information about each car seat before ordering online. Here are some of the most popular car seats for kids with special needs:

Angel Guard Infant Car Bed – This car bed is designed for small and premature babies who have a low birth weight, even less than 5 pounds. The car bed allows babies to ride safely lying either face up or face down and the slight five-degree include facilitates breathing in babies. The car bed has protective padding and comes with wrap-around harness and a fully padded shell to provide safety to your child. This infant car bed can be used for infants weighing up to 9 pounds or measuring 20 inches. The only disadvantage of this infant car bed is that you will only need it for a few days, because your new born baby will soon reach 9 pounds, which is the maximum limit for this car bed.

Snug Seat Hippo – This is a convertible car seat which has become popular due to its special features. The seat can be installed in both rear facing and forward facing positions and is designed for children who have undergone leg or hip surgery. The car seat can carry children and babies in spica hip casts. Babies have to stay in the casts for several weeks while in recovery, and this seat allows parents to transport children in casts. Hippo Spica Cast Car Seat is the only approved car available in the market which can carry children in most casts, protecting them from additional trauma effectively.

Seat Belt Buckle Guard – A buckle guard is an extra accessory which parents can buy to cover the front release buckles of car seats. The buckle can be slipped over any standard-sized seat buckle with no additional tools. It is easy to install and is tested and approved for child-resistant pull. Its turn cap hides the release button from a child’s curious fingers and prevents the child from accidentally or intentionally opening the seat belts.

Recaro Start Plus Car Seat – This is a highly adjustable car seat for children with special needs. The seat comes with a reclining backrest and can accommodate children of varying sized. This seat is specially designed for children who require more positioning stability to sit upright. The car seat is also tested for side impacts and crashes, and meets US and European Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The seat is also ideal to use for children with mild to moderate physical disabilities.

Britax Traveler Plus – Snug Seat Traveler Plus by Britax is an ideal car for children who need added head support. The car seat comes with a padded headrest and can be used with either a lap belt or a combination of lap and shoulder belt. The seat can carry kids weighing up to 48 pounds.

Several more baby car seats are also available made for kids and children with special needs. They include Special Tomato Car Seat and Carrie Car Seats. Accessories such as E-Z Modified West, E-Z On Adjustable Vest and TheraPedic Positioning Vehicle Restraint System can be used for children with specific needs. Make sure you read the product information in detail to order the right car seat for your special child.


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